The referee is dead and we killed him

A few years ago there was a study about London School of Economics concluded that 56% of jobs in Italy could disappear within a few decades due to increasing automation. More or less confirmed data by research from the McKinsey Global Institute, according to which 49% of tasks currently performed in the world “be automated when “currently developed” technologies have spread worldwide». It's the big theme of Relationship between people and technology, an essential and decisive question of our time. Work will change and with it the tasks of the employee, who will increasingly have to adapt to technological developments.

This happens and will happen to the referees, but it is only one of the reasons why the character of the game master has ended up in another world deep and irreversible crisis.

There is a lot more behind this crisis: the mistrust, more or less paranoid, in the symbols of traditional authority, fueled by a certain (and now overcome) populism that makes referees the cause of all evil; the ideology of transparency, the VAR rooms on view, symbol of the great and dull illusion of our time, this control madness through which we pretend to have to know and see everything – at the risk of sinking into a gnostic and suffocating void, a terrible neurotic abyss in which everything could happen like a dark conspiracy behind us; At the end the ideology of justice and truthwhich the football masses angrily claim is not even a chemical formula, a court case, a public contract.

Yes, but all of this is missing, many may argue, the heart of the matter: if there is a “referee issue,” it is because we are talking about an inadequate and controversial class of referees, with shadows of corruption and cronyism as we have seen in recent times revealed out of Hyenas. Well, this is exactly where the mistake lies, in perspective: the current class is probably (relatively speaking) the most transparent class of referees in the history of our football. But the opposite appears to usThe “referee question” is more relevant than ever. How is all this possible?

The article “The referee is dead and we killed him” is from Rivista Contrasti.

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