Superbowl: When a sport can explain a country

The final between Kansas City and San Francisco is about much more than the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Premise: Americans are a dynamic people. Their holidays are also mobile: Thanksgiving, President Day, Martin Luther King Day fall on variable days; The NBA and MLB Finals are accurate final, “of the best”. No, the Superbowl is a one-time competition. This is its attractive feature, it is not a hierarchical meaning compared to other events or other sports. Yes, sports. There is also that But let's start with the food. On the day when the United States eats the most after Thanksgiving, an estimated 4.5 million ribs, 13 million kg of French fries, 13 million pizzas and 3.6 million kg of guacamole, now the most popular sauce in the states, are eaten the growth of the Latin American ethnic group down one and a half billion chicken wings by paying about 50 million cases of beer per billion and three and wine for about 600 million.

An event in which Americans consume around 7,000 calories per capita, one of the reasons why nearly 17 million call in sick to work the next day. Well over 110 million viewers tuned in to watch to see who would get their hands on the Vince Lombardi Trophy, 3.2kg x 52cm of pure silver designed by Tiffany, as well as the 72,000 lucky spectators at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas In Vegas you have to donate at least $7,000, so do what you can.

Designed the trophy Lombardi wins designed by Tiffany & Co.

With an audience like that Job Obviously they're expensive, let's say 6.5 million for 30 seconds. Budweiser, the beer that represents America and is the protagonist of small advertising masterpieces at every Superbowl, doesn't want any unpleasant surprises. To re-establish itself among young progressives, the company hired trans activist Dylan Mulvaney as its spokesman last year, causing its shares to plunge nearly 5% on the stock market and wiping out about $4.56 billion in capitalization . Bud drinkers have decided it's better to dust off the traditions.

This year, the most famous stars and stripes marketing couple is back as the protagonists: the Labrador puppy and the Clydesdale, a draft horse of Scottish origin used for strenuous agricultural work. Remote town, full bar full of people but no buds, snowstorm, power outage and blocked roads. The truck that is supposed to supply the bar with beer cannot move, but the horses themselves, coming out of the stables, will suggest the solution: “the old way”, the old wooden cart. At the best moment, when the horses seem lost in the snowstorm, along comes the loyal, tail-wagging Labrador, who tracks down his Clydesdale friends in the snowstorm and leads them to their destination, to the delight of the entire town.

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