Jose Mourinho was pure Roman

What Mourinho represented to Roma and Roma to Mourinho.

Disbelief, confusion, frustration, uncertainty; for some a feeling of betrayal, for others a feeling of emptiness, for others still relief. These are the main sentiments that have shaken the Roma universe in recent days by the news of an exemption, that of José Mourinho, with an impact as immediate as it is explosive. «Anyone who thinks that Mourinho is paying for the team's poor results is seriously underestimating the internal relationships.”, Roberto Maida, a journalist who deals intensively with the dynamics of Rome, immediately wrote in Corriere dello Sport. Continuing:

“The truth is that Mourinho has lost Roma forever In Budapestin an unfortunate and controversial finale that provoked a disorderly reaction against the referee Taylor and a loud assertion against the Friedkins (“I deserve more, I don’t want to be left alone anymore”)».

An attitude and a style that the Friedkins – who instead immediately apologized to UEFA – never digested, along with all the typical Mourinhane statements (on the squad, on the market, on the size of this Roma) that he made in the dock, more or less directly, the same property. So much so that, as the newspapers reconstruct, Dan Friedkin wanted to replace Mourinho after the 4-1 defeat in Genoa, while instead the placement of Tiago Pinto was crucial; and even laughed, it is rumored, to questions about the possible renewal of the Portuguese coach. In short, an unbridgeable distance between the parties and vividly represented in the final encounter/clash in which along with the relief rags and big words.

But José had recently tried to bridge the distance, to take advantage of the fans who had played such a central role in the Friedkin team, returned en masse to the sold-out Bulgarian stadium (46 sold-out players) and stubbornly remained united around the team and coach. Mourinho was inextricably linked to them like perhaps no other and had sought to assert their special weight on the renewal issue by putting pressure on an ownership group certainly keen to break with the manager, but not the sentimental one To harm feelings (and therefore economically/commercially) created with the space. “Providence” was, paradoxically, a series of negative results that led to the derby and defeat in Milan.

This allowed the Friedkins to take stock and, above all, to restart De Rossi with the – uncomfortably populist – operation, a perfect mirror for the larks of the Giallorossi, which excludes the fans from the decision-making process (but even before this emotional one), but It is flattering with the symbol, captain and GDR warrior. So the owner made it clear to everyone who was in charge by revealing his cocky American face, but at the same time took an extreme risk. Why Mourinho wasn't just a coach in Rome: Mourinho was a father, a brother, a teacher to the Roma people; a tribune and a trade unionist; a charismatic leader and a victorious commander. For many, a messiah of victory, hope and redemption. A Romanist among Romanists, for (almost) everyone…

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