Isak, Eritrea and football

The origins must not be forgotten.

It was released in 2008 The unexpected turn of events, a beautiful uchronic book in which Enrico Brizzi imagined the 1960s of an Italy that had won World War II and retained its colonies of Eritrea, Somalia and Ethiopia, which hosted a hotly contested championship called the Africa Series. In this context, Eritrean football expressed its fighting talent and heartfelt support for Garibaldi Asmara, the second most anti-fascist team in the championship, although in reality it was never able to go beyond the many problems that plagued the Horn of Africa have decades.

Without going into the merits of a political situation that exists in a Article Recently a magazine from the…economist Defining long-serving President Isaias Afewerki as “the African Kim Jong-Un,” it's easy to see that cross-country skiing and cycling are the sports in which the nation, which emerged from a bloody civil war with Ethiopia in 1992, is making a push it looks better than himself. Although football attracts a lot of attention in the country, it lags behind.

The Eritrean men's national team's last official match was a friendly against Sudan in January 2020. The reason appears to be the government's fear that some players would seek political asylum abroad during away games. The Guardian It is estimated that since 2009, more than 60 players have used this opportunity to flee to other nations and avoid military service – Eritrean soldiers are still fighting in the Tigray War in Ethiopia – a number that alone would explain why Football developed only with difficulty.

If we add that according to CAF, the African UEFA, Eritrean stadiums are not suitable for hosting international matches and the national team will not participate from qualifying for the next World Cup – the official reason was lack of travel funds – it is easy to understand why Eritreans' love of football does not translate into a movement capable of producing local footballers.

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