Hamilton in the Ferrari for the legend

Formula 1 also thrives on myths (and myths).

For a pilot, the most disastrous attraction of all has a name: Ferrari. A dream, the ultimate racing car, the most fascinating colors, the myth. Not even Lewis Hamilton, the most successful driver in the history of Formula 1 and always an archenemy of Ferrari fans and #fans, could resist the call of legend, the most fascinating Scudetto, the most prestigious team and… from 2025 he will wear the red Maranello tracksuit carry. A mutual attraction perhaps, considering Ferrari was also drawn to the most popular and influential driver in recent history.

An explosive piece of news, a sensational marketing campaign, a very romantic sports story, an incredible fact. “The news of the millennium,” to quote Leo Turrini. All the ingredients are there for you Coup de Theater worthy of an Oscar film, worthy of this Formula 1 show. Within a few hours, a utopian indiscretion became a concrete fact, a historic announcement for Formula 1. You can read it however you want, you can have all the necessary doubts about the driver and his age, about the operation, about living with Leclerc but one fact remains objective: Today a page of F1 history is writtenthe stuff you read in books, not the stuff you watch on Netflix.

From Cavallino's point of view, it is a marketing campaign “à la Elkann-Agnelli”, which is reminiscent of that of Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus (as Carlo Vanzini explained on Sky, even if the comparison is a bit strained) and which was only rumored The share has already gained 9% on the stock market; It is obviously hoped that the Juventus operation will bring more success and sporting prestige than what was seen in Turin. The number 44 will bring with it a lot of technical information collected over years of victories with Mercedes the endless experience and driving skills of a personand will join the current first Ferrari driver, namely Charles Leclerc – a driver on whom Fred Vasseur is betting a lot, also given the recent contract extension.

Here too: Hamilton's “second driving” is impossible, and we'll see what balance they can find. Lewis is a racing driver and for Leclerc he could be both a destabilizing factor in the competition and a huge incentive.

From a pilot's perspective, however, it is a heart and head movement. As irrational as it is clear, if we abandon for a moment the categories of calculation in Formula 1 and adopt those of myth, more metaphysical than physical, where Ferrari still represents THE team. Among other things, it seems that Mercedes has been taken over unprepared and in a ten-minute session, in the person of Toto Wolff, expressed all his anger at the manner, at the time, but above all at the fact itself. A sensational and suggestive sporting betrayal. A mutual love between enormous ambitionsThis is how Paolo Marcacci defined it

Perhaps it is because the track has been starved of emotion and adrenaline in recent years, the fault and merit of Red Bull and Max Verstappen, but this process cannot be viewed only through the cold eyes of rationality and calculation. Behind this marketing measure is what drives motorsport and keeps it alive: the instinct and irrationality of champions, the search for fame and sporting immortality. Hamilton knows that a world championship with Ferrari would be worth more than any other title won elsewhere. And just carrying the Prancing Horse can complete the career of an exceptional athlete with global character, a 360-degree revolutionary in the automotive sector, but who remains first and foremost a driver. A legendary driver who must become a legend: in a word: in Ferrari.

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