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Counterstory of a lost love.

José Maria Gutiérrez Hernández del Campo, better known as Goodywas the author of one of the most difficult careers to interpret. Despite being at the top of European football, inteam of the worldover the years – contributing, having fun, winning – probably few will retain a picture of him of a winner. Guti was above all a quiet footballer. But not of that melancholic silence that makes football a literary sport, but of the silence of a person who really doesn't care much about what he does, such a thoughtful level of indifference had rarely been seen on football pitches before Guti.

The topos of the footballer who does not live up to the enormous expectations placed on him can be found in Guti a next level narrative: Not only does it seem that the disrespect has not affected his character, but it also gives the impression that such a lethargic temperament has not affected his life in any way. Labels – Calderon defined it as one eternal promise – and comparisons – with each individual galactic – awkwardly, it simply allowed the Madrilenian to spend his career in relative serenity, in the complete acceptance of being in the wrong place and at the wrong time for almost the entire duration.

“I developed as a striker and Ronaldo came, I grew as a midfielder and Zidane came, now I’m in the national team as a midfielder and Beckham is coming.” All doors are closed to me“.

One should not be depressed by the thought that his career was a failure compared to expectations – we are talking about a player who won twice as much as the main players combined. top player the current Serie A – because the aesthetics of his game were truly a work of art, the epitome of it all the unconquerables the next generation they represented. When we talk about guti, we must first consider the following we are talking about a flag.

Registered under Merengues When they sang as a child, at 9 years old and as a Madrilenian, he will leave temporarily in 2010 as a man at 34 years old. As the eras passed at the Bernabèu and dozens and dozens of players played, Guti was there. Never the protagonist, never the focus of a project. Guti was never enoughand can help you do your best despite everything the unconditional loyalty he showed him Camisetahow stingy they are with gratitude to Madrid.

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