Booing Gigi Riva is a point of no return

We also sold our dignity.

So from one moment to the next we all became Maurizio Sarri. A bit like the famous Dragon Ball scene where Goku asks the whole world to give him the energy necessary to create the Genkidama Sphere, yesterday, while we were watching Inter against Napoli with tired and already exhausted eyes, watching the Boos from the audience in Riyadh heard the minute's silence for Gigi Riva, We felt alive and united in shame. An ambivalent feeling: on the one hand we actually felt anger and – let's be honest, being the Western hypocrites that we are – disgust towards these people and their laws, but on the other hand we also felt one other Target of hate, maybe that TRUE Target of hate, the Football league.

The boos at Gigi Riva – which, we learned, were due to the rejection of a custom non-Islamic (and therefore fundamentally wrong in these parts), remembering the dead with a minute's silence – they reach deafening ears among those who, like us, read last night between amused and shocked Words from Lorenzo Casini, president of Serie A, on the possibility of further strengthening the partnership with Saudi Arabia and perhaps even exporting a matchday of the championship there: “It is something that we are weighing up with advantages and disadvantages,” he explained Casinos at Snack Summit entitled “From local to global”. The first disadvantage, he continued, is related to this Fans who might miss a day. The location still needs to be determined. And, among other things, it would currently not be possible without the approval of FIFA and UEFA.

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But why the hell Saudi Arabia? Damn, he must have said that little word that cost Sarri rivers of ink at the Benalists: sss… sss.. sol… we can't even get it out! “Saudi Arabia became a reference country (sic!) a few years ago (arisic!) and considering what the country is doing with a view to Expo 2030 and the World Cup 2032, it was an important time to be there. But as Series A, we don’t just target the Arab market (ha). There is an opportunity to create not only commercial but also diplomatic visibility and relationships. The Arab market is asking us what I think happened: bring that traditionthe popularity and talent of Italian football”.

Very short list of things to do instead they didn't happen in this edition of the Super Cup: influx of spectators – at the debut, Fiorentina against Napoli, 9000 were present -, respect for the deceased or, Let's try to be relaxed, the Western tradition of respecting the dead – in this case, not just anyone, but a symbol of Italian football, which Casini says he successfully brought to Saudi Arabia – if anything, it's a matter of luck, as it is What is true is that the Saudi journalists themselves asked before Fiorentina-Napoli where Milan and Juventus were. Go and explain to him that the Berlusconi trophy hasn't existed for years. Neither that nor the dignity of a system that has shamelessly sold itself.

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